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Embassy of The Federal Republic of Nigeria - Khartoum.
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Population:  192 million (World bank Estimate)
Capital: Abuja
System of Government:  Federal Republic, Representative Democracy
Economic Capital: Lagos
Currency: Nigerian Naira
Official Language: English
Entertainment Industry: Nollywood, Second Biggest in the World
Oil Wealth: 8th Largest Exporter of Crude Oil, Largest Oil Producer in Africa
Active Industries: Oil and Gas, Telecommunications, Entertainment, Banking, Construction, Agriculture
Major Trading Partners: India, USA, Spain,Netherlands,France,South Africa, Canada, China, Germany

El Mek Nimir Avenue 19th St,El Sheikh Mustafa Al-Amin Street,17 Macnimer Street,Khartoum.
Tel: (+249) 183 770-148 / 183 777-417
Fax: (+249) 183 771-491
P.O. Box 1538,Khartoum, Sudan.
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