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It has been brought to the attention of the Nigerian authorities that several people across the world have in the past decades been receiving emails and messages via different communications platform, stating that they have swindled or defrauded by the so called “Nigerian Scammers”. We would like to bring the following to your notice:

Please note that Nigeria been the largest and richest country on the continent of Africa, we have been prime targets of fraudsters who use the name of Nigeria to perpetrate crimes and swindle people of their money. These people are often not Nigerian citizens, but have somehow found refuge in Nigeria, Asia, and America or even in neighboring African countries; from whence they commit these crimes. Please note that, the fact that these people or email claim to be from Nigeria, does not automatically imply these crimes are from Nigeria or the perpetrators are Nigerians! Nigerians are respectable and decent people. Also, the fact that these people are of African origin does not make them Nigerians! Most of them have been found to be in possession of fake Nigerian passports, and have no relationship with Nigeria whatsoever. The Nigerian government has a solid security structure in place to counter cyber-crimes, and they are available 24hours, 7days a week and 365 days to investigate all forms of alleged crimes within the border of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Should you have any crime to report please contact the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission on . The embassies, consulates and high commissions of Nigeria does not investigate crime, and we do recommend that before you enter into any business and financial transaction with anyone claiming to be in Nigeria or business originating from Nigeria; to please contact the relevant authorities  to conduct due diligence before such financial transactions are embarked upon. There are several legal channels available for legitimate businesses to go through with the help of the commercial section of the Nigerian embassies, consulate and high commissions around the world. The Nigeria government would not accept the slander of Nigeria by aggrieved persons who have been swindled by so called cyber criminals claiming to be based in or operate in Nigeria, all in the name of greed.

In addition, we want to implore individuals not to engage in greed driven financial transactions with anyone claiming to be from Nigeria or from anywhere else for that matter. Stop looking for free and undeserved wealth out of thin air. If you know you don’t have any cousin or relative who has kept a bogus inheritance for you, please simply ignore these scam emails and report them to the local authorities! Don’t let your greed push you into fraudulent activities. If anyone promises to give a cut in a hidden wealth stashed somewhere on the planet, and that you will need to pay some fee to get the money out, it is a scam. Don’t fall for these get rich quick scheme, it’s a fraud! If someone shows you boxes of black money telling you, you need chemicals to clean this money; this is absolute fraud. Report such persons to the authorities for prosecution. Don’t get greedy and withdraw your life saving to aid and abet this crime. If a girl or boy on social media or dating website approaches you in the name of love and requests you to send them money, please be warmed before sending such monies. Be sure of the identity of the person or lover you are sending money to; it could be a scam. These scams take various forms and methods, but the motivation behind them all are the same: GREED! These people play on people’s greed to swindle them of their resources. We implore you, please do not let greed take the best of you, or embark on a get rich quick scheme that exposes you to fraud. If you see anything suspicious, report it to the authorities at once. Research has shown that these fraudsters are often located mainly in the Asia pacific region, some parts West Africa other than Nigeria, and sometimes in North America; but they pretend to be from or to operate from Nigeria. In fact, 70% of the time, these guys are not from Nigeria, but are willing to use the name Nigeria because of our wealth and national resources to achieve their dubious means. If however, a Nigerian with proven identity is caught, he will be punished to the full extent of the law. Nigeria is a country of intellectuals and respectable people, and we would not tolerate the tarnishing of our great nation by international criminals using our name dubiously. Be wise, don’t be greedy! Report all suspicious transactions to the local authorities.


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